2018: Record-High Carbon Emissions

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Record-High Carbon Emissions Show ‘We Are Speeding Towards  Climate Chaos’.

World leaders are meeting at the COP24 in Poland.  They are discussing how to achieve the 2015 Paris climate agreement goals. Meanwhile, scientists and activists are warning about a new report. This shows that carbon emissions will be higher than ever this year.

"We've got a LOT of work to do. After being stable for 3 years, CO2 emissions have now increased two years straight," tweeted Penn State climate scientist Michael Mann.

Between 2014 and 2016, emissions remained  flat. But, in 2017, global emissions grew 1.6 percent. The rise in 2018 might be 2.7 percent.

global carbon emissions

Emissions may rise to a record high of 37.1 billion tons of carbon dioxide. China and India increased their emissions by 5% and 6%. They also rose in many other nations. The United States grew 2.5 percent, but the European Union declined by 1 percent.

"This is terrible news. Every year that we delay serious climate action, the Paris goals become difficult to meet", said Andrew Jones, co-director of Climate Interactive.

The Paris agreement wants to keep global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius. It will also aim to limit the temperature increase below 1.5 degrees Celsius."

"This is the latest and most alarming warning to the world. It shows we are heading towards climate chaos. Sadly, President Trump doesn't care. But if he won't act, other leaders must."
—Wenonah Hauter, Food & Water Watch

"It's time for the leaders of our country to address this climate crisis. They should stop all new fossil fuel development," she added.

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UN Report Warns Human Activity Has Pushed One Million Plant and Animal Species close to Extinction
Scientists say we need a food revolution for our health and the environment.
Warming of oceans equals energy from 1.5 atomic bombs every second for 150 years.
Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky support Extinction Rebellion
2018: Record-High Carbon Emissions
Trump Refuses to ‘Believe’ Climate Report
United States Votes as United Nations Warns Humans of Their Own Destruction.
Humanity Sleepwalking Towards Cliff Edge: 60% Of Earth’s Wildlife Wiped Out Since 1970
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