Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky support Extinction Rebellion

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The words and phrases below will appear in the text. Use the various Quizlet study modes to get used to the words. Enjoy!

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Read the paragraphs below. Choose the correct words to fill in the blanks.

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Read the text and answer the questions. If you are unsure of any words, please double click the word and the dictionary definition will appear automatically. On a mobile device, you will need to type the word in the dictionary box. Good luck!

It’s 2018. Life is dying. Every day 200 types of animal die. Earth is changing faster and faster. This cannot continue.

Leaders around the world are ignoring the problem. If we do not change, there will be disaster.

There is not enough focus on climate change in most countries. This shows that humans are ignoring the problem.

Governments and business must focus on climate change now. Rich countries must help poor countries to change from dirty to clean energy.

Strange weather is affecting food production. Governments must act now to stop hunger.

We ask people around the world to act. We must encourage our governments to act. We ask you to join Extinction Rebellion.

We must do what is needed. But, we must be peaceful. We need to ask politicians to make changes. Global citizens will not stay quiet any longer.

We all need to consume less and look after the planet more. If we don’t, we may also die.

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Answer the short poll question.

UN Report Warns Human Activity Has Pushed One Million Plant and Animal Species close to Extinction
Scientists say we need a food revolution for our health and the environment.
Warming of oceans equals energy from 1.5 atomic bombs every second for 150 years.
Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky support Extinction Rebellion
2018: Record-High Carbon Emissions
Trump Refuses to ‘Believe’ Climate Report
United States Votes as United Nations Warns Humans of Their Own Destruction.
Humanity Sleepwalking Towards Cliff Edge: 60% Of Earth’s Wildlife Wiped Out Since 1970
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Step 5

Practice using the vocabulary you have learned, and let the world know your opinion.