Eating meat is destroying the planet, says WWF.

Eating meat is destroying some of the most important areas of the world.

An area 1.5 times the size of the European Union could be saved if we follow nutritional guidelines say the WorldWildlifeFund (WWF).  Areas including the Amazon, Congo Basin and Himalayas are effected60% of all extinctions are caused by eating too many animal products.

The UK food industry is responsible for the death of 33 speciesPeople are eating too much protein. We need to eat between 45 and 55g of protein a day. British people eat between 64 and 88g of protein a day. 37% of this is from animal products.

If we followed nutritional guidelines, we would use 13% less land to feed humans.  Unfortunately, many people do not want to reduce meat, egg and dairy consumption.

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