New Data Finds Climate-Friendly, Healthy Meals Within Reach for Public Schools

New research carried out by Friends of the Earth and the Oakland CA Unified School District highlights the problem of meat eating on our Earth.

Schools decreased the amount of meat and dairy children ate by 30%. This reduced the school district’s carbon footprint by 14%. The school district would reduce its carbon footprint by 46% if it cut out meat and dairy completely.

In addition, the district saved 42 million gallons of water (158 million litres) and $42,000. This money was used to buy healthier fruits and vegetables.

School children in America eat 7 billion school meals each year. If schools across the country reduced the amount of meat and dairy by 30%, it would be equal to taking 150,000 cars off the road.

The study shows the importance of humans eating less meat and dairy to fight climate change.

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4 thoughts on “New Data Finds Climate-Friendly, Healthy Meals Within Reach for Public Schools

  • Sam Manfield

    Is it possible to convince governments to do the same? I read that the UK lady P.M. just canceled school meals.

    • Simon

      Well the Chinese government is doing just that. 50% reduction by 2030. Theresa May has cancelled free lunches for the poorest in society yeah. God bless her soul! Lovely lady.

      • Sam Manfield

        So should we embrace the Chinese more than the west seems to be? They are pushing for renewable energy faster, then this, but this is against low wages and heavy pollution.

        • Simon

          The low wages and pollution are our responsibility in the west. The Chinese are toiling away for slave wages so we can enjoy our cheap goods which we don’t even need. If we agreed to pay a little more for our things, environmentally friendly means of production could be introduced. That’s not likely when wages are stagnating because all gains now go to the 1% that Bernie keeps banging on about. But, I do think the Chinese are now showing more leadership that Trump’s administration.

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