Teacher Collaboraion

If you are fed up off printing off dozens of copies each lesson to give to students and would like to offer them a more interactive experience in the classroom, Teacher Collaboration might be for you. Find an article or video that you want your students to read or watch then follow these easy steps:

  1. Fill in information about the article/video.

  2. Choose which new vocabulary you want your students to learn. Type the vocabulary in the vocabulary boxes and add the English definitions from a learner’s dictionary.

  3. Copy and paste your content or a URL link to a video.

  4. Set questions and possible answers if multiple choice (Be careful to highlight the correct answers). If True or False, type true or false in the correct answer box.

  5. Make an activity to practice students’ understanding of the new vocabulary. A drag and drop activity can be made by copying and pasting a sentence of text and using asterisks to blank out a word. Example: This is the new *word* I want to test. 

  6. Identify when you need the page finished by (Try to give at least 24 hours notice (We are in Japan).

  7. Click submit.

  8. Ask your students to complete in class or as homework. Job done!

This is a FREE service and hopefully a win win for everyone. Teachers get online interactive assignments which might help improve motivation for reading class. Discuss Earth gets increased content and students around the world are the beneficiaries of this collaboration. Any questions, drop us a line using the comment form.

Additionally, this is open to anyone interested. You don’t need to be a teacher.


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