Reliable Sources

Step 1

The words and phrases below will appear in the video. Use the various Quizlet study modes to get used to the words. Enjoy!

Step 2

Watch the video and answer the questions. Remember to write down the Code Word in your booklet. Good luck!

Step 3

Ask and answer the following questions with a partner/group.

  1. How often do you verify information you hear/see?
  2. Do you ever verify what your teachers say or show you?
  3. Have you ever been given incorrect information by a teacher? If yes, what was it? What did you do?
  4. Which news sites in Japan are the most reliable?
  5. Which news sites in Japan are the least reliable?
  6. Are you aware of any foreign news organisations with good/bad reputations?
  7. Where do most people in your country get their news?

  8. Does the media in your country report the whole truth, mostly truth, or mostly lies?

  9. How has the internet changed the news in your country?

  10. Who has the most control over the media in your country?

  11. How does the media help create a healthy society?

  12. Should the media just report the facts or should the media interpret the facts?

  13. Can you think of a politician who used the media in a successful way? How about a politician who was destroyed by the media?

  14. Should the media show graphic violence? Why or why not?

  15. How has the media changed in your country during the last 20 years?

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