Earliest “Earth Overshoot Day” Ever for 2018

Earliest “Earth Overshoot Day” Ever for 2018.

Humans use more and more natural resources every year. Politicians and individuals aren’t doing enough to conserve our resources.

As CO2 levels continue to rise, forests are cut down and food is wasted. Humans have used the planet’s resources quicker that ever before. The day we use more resources than the Earth can generate is called Earth Overshoot Day. This day is on August 1st in 2018. The original Earth Overshot Day was on December 29th, 1970. 30 years ago, this date moved forward to October 15th. It moved 2 days since last year.

The problem gets worse as the human population grows and wants to consume more food, water and products. America’s Earth Overshoot Day was March 15th in 2018. If we all lived like Americans, we would need 3.5 Earths. 

Individuals could push back overshot day by 5 days by reducing their meat consumption by 50%. Governments could push back overshoot day by 3 months if they reduced CO2 levels by 50%.


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