‘Scary’: Warming of Oceans Is Equivalent to 1.5 Atomic Bombs Every Second Over Past 150 Years

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‘Scary’: Warming of Oceans Is Equal to 1.5 Atomic Bombs Every Second Over Past 150 Years

“And that’s just the average. It’s now equal to roughly three to six atomic bombs per second.”

Carbon emissions are affecting life in all of Earth’s ecosystems. They contribute to drought, flooding, and the melting of ice in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. But a new study by researchers at Oxford University shows that the planet’s oceans are the biggest victim.

Researchers studied changes in ocean heat from 1871.The research suggested that the average heating of the oceans was equato the energy of 1.5 atomic bombs per second since 1871.

“I try not to make this type of calculation,  because I find it worrisome,” Professor Laure Zannat told the Guardian. “We usually  compare the heating to [human] energy use, to make it less scary.”

Using Zannat’s energy  calculation, the heating of the oceans from 1871 to the present day is equal to 1,000 times the energy used by the entire global population every year.

Carbon emissions have risen by 60 percent since 1990.The world’s oceans absorb more than 90 percent of this carbon.

Most of the heat  is being stored deep in the world’s oceans. This is causing sea level rise and making hurricanes and tsunamis stronger and more destructive.

“Obviously, we are putting a lot of excess energy into the climate system and a lot of that ends up in the ocean. There is no doubt,” Zanna told the Guardian.

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