Daily archives: November 22, 2017

Ladybird Spider There are many, many different kinds of spiders. Think about all the different spiders you see. You find them in your homes, in your garden, hanging out on your house, just about everywhere. Spiders live in all kinds of habitats, from Australia to the northern coast of Greenland. […]


Snakes must rely on their surroundings to control their body temperature. So, in the heat of the summer, where do you think they go? They head underground or crawl into cool spaces or into areas with lots of vegetation. This keeps them cool in the heat of the day. On […]


Bats are mammals. Like most mammals, including people, bats have fur, grow up inside their moms, are born live, and drink milk from their mothers’ bodies. Bats belong to a special group of flying mammals called Chiroptera (Ki-ROP-ter-a). This word is Greek for “hand-wing.” Bats actually fly with a modified hand.


There was once a little grey planet that was very sad. The people living there hadn’t looked after it, despite them having all the inventions and space ships you could ever need. They had contaminated the whole countryside so much with rubbish and pollution that there were no plants or animals […]

The Red Moon