Over 15,000 Scientists make a ‘Second warning’ to Humans. Can We Listen Now?

Over 15,000 scientists make a second warning to humans. Can we listen now?

Scientists warned humans about climate change in 1992. People ignored this first message. The new message warns of misery and species loss.

The scientists are from more than 180 countries. They say time is running out. Rising greenhouse gasses and species loss are affecting our planet.

The scientists warned people not to ignore their message a second time. They say they are not trying to scare people. But, they are worried that humans are not doing enough to prevent climate change. They also say the situation is worse today than in 1992.

They highlight rising greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, farming and species loss as the most important problems.

 The report was published on Monday, 13th November 2017. It says we have 26.1% less fresh water than in 1992. There has been a 75.3% increase in dead zones, a 62.1% increase in CO2 emissions per year and a 35.5% increase in the human population.

The scientists say we need to do the following to prevent catastrophe:

  • Promote a plant based diet.
  • Reduce income inequality.
  • Stop deforestation.
  • Stop poaching.
  • Move to renewable energy.

The scientists say all these things are necessary to prevent misery and species loss.

If we don’t make these changes soon, we will run out of time.


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