Earth’s sixth mass extinction is happening now

Scientists at the Universidad Nacional Autnama de Mexico say we are in the sixth great extinction.

They blame overpopulation and over consumption. They also say it threatens humans.

Usually scientists are careful to use scientific language. However, in this study they use the term ‘biological annihilation‘.They say it is wrong to use unclear language.

50% of all individual animals have died in recent years.

The scientists studied 177 mammal species. 1/2 of these lost more than 80% of their populations between 1900 and 2015.

The report says humans will pay a very high price for this in the future. Humans need these plants and animals to live. 

The report says we can stop this extinction but we need to change very very quickly. They list 3 things we can do:

  1. We need to use less things.
  2. We need to reduce the population.
  3. We need to protect the forests.

The time to act is now.



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